Does he like me or what?

Known him and been sleeping with him off and on for six years. He claims he doesn't want a relationship but then will pry out of me how I feel about him. He wants to hear how I feel. Today he asked me if I stopped liking him. Considering I am tired of not knowing what he wants, I decided to let his question sit (opened and read) on my Facebook for a few hours before responding. Instead of saying the normal "Of course I do", I simply said "I care about you", which is different. He said "Fair enough" and left it at that. Later on in the day he got ahold of me again because my girl friend took it upon herself to intervene and tell him that I was in love with him and that he was going to allow me to walk away from him if he didn't eventually make a move. He wouldn't tell me what she said, though I already knew, but was saying things like "I like you the way you are". He asked me if I missed him and I said 'sure'. I then asked him if he missed me and he said "More than I will ever tell you". He is very emotionally reserved, due to being screwed over in his one and only relationship. He seems perminantly damaged and afraid. But he crawls to me about everything. I don't understand. Does he like me or no? If you need more info just ask.
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  • It seems like he cares about you but is scared of commitment. But I can't tell you that this is true because I don't know the relationship between you two. A lot can build up in six years. I think the best thing for you to do is talk to him about it and consider your options. Do you like/mind the "sleeping with him off and on" relationship without being exclusive? Are you willing to keep at it if he says he likes it better as friends with benefits? Also I think you need to take into consideration that whatever happened with the last girl was six years ago (unless this isn't correct). And he should get over it if he ever wants something to last with you. If he ever is exclusive with you he should devote himself fully to you; not just physically but emotionally. And he should be okay with that. Just be upfront and mature about it. I hope this helped!

    • Sorry, I should have further explained. We met when I was 16 and we were dating off and on for a year. He moved out of state and met a girl there (he was there for 3 years but came to visit his family often. We saw each other whenever he was down) but he never came home during the time he was dating her. They dated the last year he was out of state and she cheated on him with 8 different men. So it was just a little over a year ago that this all happened. But since he has been back, he's been seeing me (friends with benefits) which I am kind of okay with. I mean it sucks, don't get me wrong. But the sex is great and he treats me good. When we are together he is all about me. He has taken me on random dates. He is also bringing me out this Friday. But I have told him I wanted more and he just says he isn't ready.

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    • Good advice. Thank you

    • You're welcome! I hope everything works out! :)

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