Do you ever have sit down talks with your SO about your relationship?

When I bring this up I mean serious talks that almost make it seem like the person is going to break up with you?
The other day my boyfriend opened up with the line "we need to talk, this isn't working" and then silence just followed so I assumed he was breaking up with me so I said bye, wished him well and left. But, apparently he just wanted to talk about what was bothering him and I basically just royally pissed him off because I accidentally broke up with him. Anyway, I'm supposed to see him again to talk things over and im nervous, is it normal to have these talks like this?


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  • i like to talk about it sometimes even tho its pretty established. haha! but i'll ask him what he likes about it and what he loves about me and bla bla bla. its fun to do sometimes. get some more perspective :)


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