Should I cut myself off from her to get over my feelings for her?

I love a girl a lot... She has become one of my best friends and is my first love. I'm 15, she's 14. We met 2 1/2 months ago and have constantly texted and when we are around each other, which hasn't been often since she lives 40 minutes away, are always by each other. She's known I like/love her for about a month, and things have been much more open. She came over this past weekend for the first time in a month, and we cuddled and everything and she seemingly showed genuine signs of affection. The next day after she left she told me she wanted to kiss me, I took this as a sign that she liked me back finally. Well today we were texting and I asked her about it because she filled my mind constantly at school. She didn't know why she wanted to kiss me and that she "liked me a little bit, but not a lot, it's complicated." This really hurts me and I want out of my feelings. Is it ok for me to cut ties with her so that I loose my feelings for her? If so what is the best way to leave her, just not saying a word and leaving? I just want time to myself so love can die, and then when I feel it's over, be 2 weeks or 4 months, be there for her, but at the same level she feels for me.


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  • Distance yourself and make her go after you, that's a way to see if she actually likes you.


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