What's your experience dating someone in the military?

A friend I've known for a year recently became a marine. we've hooked up before went out on dates but I didn't see him as anything more at that time because I was still focused on my ex. That was a year ago though and he also had a girlfriend after we stopped talking. Now we're both single and he still likes me and was straight forward that he wants something more. I don't know how I feel about this because I've never dated someone in the military and I've heard stuff about it. So what's you're experience like?


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  • Experience of a lifetime in a good way. You just can't beat it. My girlfriend likes to travel, and we have been around to a couple of countries so far. We went to Spain, hawaii, etc. If you like being on the move and experiencing new things. Then a military guy is for you.

    PS: coming from someone who is in the Army (me)


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