How do you be the kind of guy girls want to have sex with?

Now, don't think all I care about is getting laid, because really I don't all that much. I just want to be more exciting to the opposite sex. Right now, I'm pretty much "husband" material. I'll do things and all the women in the room'll go, "Awww!!! You'd be the perfect husband!" And I believe they genuinely mean it, in a way. But no one my age is actually interested in a husband right now. I'm the kind of guy they want in ten years. I guess I'm not sexually interesting. So my question is, how do I become more interesting to those my age?


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  • Be confident and be sexy, make suggestive eye contact and be flirtatious.

    Make your intentions clear.

    Work out, go to the gym and work on your appearance. If you look fit, chances are women will find you hotter and get more turned on by you.

    Keep it casual, keep conversation light hearted and don't delve it to anything too deep or serious

    • It occurs to me as I read "don't delve into anything deep," that I am absolutely going to hate this. I hate small talk. Maybe I'll just wait the ten years until someone wants to talk about "deep" things haha

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    • Just say that you're really busy and that you're just a guy looking to have a laugh and just come across as care free even if you're not. Give her the illusion of no baggage

    • @asker I guess after the initial meeting peroid you could kind of tell if there's potential for a relationship or not and can judge it on the situation whether to open up or not

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  • I know this will sound ridiculous but if you get to the first kiss, this can be the thing that sets you apart. Sure, start with the nice husband material kiss but then slowly lace your hands through the hair at the nape of her neck and then slowly close your hand thus pulling her hair a little while you gently bite her lower lip. In order to get to that first kiss just be yourself and make her laugh and be a good listener but when you get the next familiar speech about "let's just be friends" from someone you are really attracted to just tell her straight up, head held high with no "nice guy" regret and say "I don't want to just be your friend, that won't work for me". Then see what happens:) Hope this helps.

  • Ask girls out.


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