What's the best way for a girl in her mid-20s to meet guys in their mid to late 20s?


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  • Be open to getting approached anywhere.

    Valuable men don't go to bars or clubs. Don't expect to find a winner there.

    Otherwise, it depends. Think about what kind of guy you'd like. Athletic? Musical? Tech oriented? Into hiking and camping? Where would you find guys who do those things?

    You simply need to make a short profile of who you want and determine where such a person might spend time.

    • "Be open to getting approached anywhere"

      "Valuable men don't go to bars or clubs. Don't expect to find a winner there"

      How does that apply to what you said about being open to getting approached anywhere?

    • @mooky06

      Basically, I meant when walking down the street, in a store, library, a park, etc.

      Generally, bars and clubs tend to attract... unsavory people.

    • Clubs is probably the worst place to "meet guys"
      Bars and pubs, you notice the ones away from the hype near the pool tables doing there own thing. Plus I would assume they would be around mid to late 20's. It's a social venue, where guys are more likely to want to get to know you or chill out, "meet" in this case.

What Girls Said 1

  • Um I would say at a bar/pub around the pool table area. But I'm unsure of what types of men are around there.


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