Should I tell her how I feel about her before it's too late or is it too late already?

This girl and I have known each other for years. During the summer we texted all the time, pretty much every day for most of the day. I showed her around the college campus at her request. We still meet every Tuesday and Thursday morning before classes start and she has designated where we meet as the "usual place". She has come over to my house for dinner and she is coming over again this Thursday but she is cooking and then we will watch a show together. We went to church together last Sunday and she brought me coffee as well without me asking her. I can get her to laugh for most of our conversations and still text rather consistently but not as much as during the summer. She'll ask me if I'm available after all her classes end. I think I'm falling for her.

There is an issue though. She went on a date last week and I think she went on a date again today. We were texting and she just stopped texting, 3 hours passed by and she texted me back saying "Sorry! I was at dinner!". But for 3 hours?

Does she see me even remotely as a potential romantic interest or am I buried deep into a friend-zone or worse? If there is a chance should I tell her how I feel or ask her out on an actual date?


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  • You should ask her on a real date.


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