Friends with benefits has been in a relationship while seeing me should I tell the other female?

I've been friends with benefits with this guy for a year and 4 months! I recently found out he has been in a relationship with this girl for about two years and still is! We met a while back maybe around April of 2014. Point is I recently found out since I've no social media and i feel disgusted by him. I asked him like 4 times if he was interested or was seeing someone else when i suspected things. We were friends with benefits so i really never asked him for anything and i never really wanted a relationship with him. If i would have known he had a girl i would have never continue this and I would have made distance between us two. His boyfriend knows the other girl and he has been covering for him the whole time. I feel disgusted and grossed out by all this. I hate drama but i feel i should let the other girl know about this... is not fair for her to keep being lied to ... what should i do!

Not boyfriend his best friend


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  • No cut if off and never talk to him again

    • I'll soon but i feel that the other girl should know the truth he is an asshole who has been using is both for more than a year and sleeping with both

    • You are not the judge. Be only concerned about getting out. God you want you can give him a piece of your mind

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