Why is it so hard for me to approach pretty girls or even talk to them?

I can't just seem to be able to go up to pretty girls that I like. I want to introduce myself to them, but I seem to get nervous for some reason. I know i'm not good looking, but i just want to get to know them. Is there something i can do to change this?


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  • It's never easy to talk to the girls that we like. It does come down to experience and confidence.

    Learn, practice and practice.

    There are plenty of resources available on the internet so you might want to do some reading first. Also, hang out with the guys who can easily talk to girls. See what they do and try and pick up what works and what doesn't. Try to 'imitate' them, like using their lines.

    Join a large group. Volunteer groups are generally good, because people tend to be a little more understanding. The more you talk to girls, the easier it becomes to talk to them. This is a good way to build your confidence and experience at the same time.

    Also, try to push yourself out of the comfort zone. Do something eccentric every day. As you do, you will be building your confidence.

    I used to be extremely shy to the extent that I'd be almost frozen when I was talking with girls, let alone girls that I fancied. Not anymore.

    Good luck.


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  • I suggest to practice your cool tactics surely those girls will chase you 😇
    Try to approach as a friendly one be confident put your shades on yeah 😂🐓🐓😂

    Seriously most of the girls likes humor, confidence, and gentleman that's top 3


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  • You're fear is getting in the way. It was a primal emotion needed for survival, but now we fear too many things that don't even threaten our survival. Girls, rejection, etc.

    You fear too much about saying the 'wrong thing' to them.

    There are many resources to help you overcome this anxiety. I would recommend either Real Social Dynamics or Simple Pickup. (And it's more than just about getting women, it's about harnessing your confidence on all levels.)

  • It might be because of your face.


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