Guys, What is he thinking?

Right from the beginning of our relationship with Him, i was told that i am not allowed to add friends to my circle in EP. deleted everyone and only kept him. He told me that He is deleting friends. Yesterday , i had a bit of a misunderstanding with my Master, (his my age btw), and last night and today His adding friends to His circle.
i once confronted Him about adding friends, told Him i am jelouse about it, He said that when they accept him and it shows on his activity and then had a go at me for trying to lead the relationship.

now, there is a freind added to his circle one after the other, he knows i will look at it. Why is He doing this? why? knowing of my inserurities! is it to get my attention to give him a reason to be even more unhappy with me? testing me? and... grrrr... i can't question him about it! (D/s relationship btw)


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  • He probably just isn't ready to give all his freedom up to a girl yet. Kind of of a small protest maybe

  • In hopes of you Not trolling. (a 39 year old woman speaking like a little girl, no offense)

    None of us knows what he is thinking. My question is, what the hell are you thinking? Does he decide everything you do? I don't even understand what "adding friends to his circle" means. You don't add friends, you make friends.

    For the love of god, don't be trolling

    • i am not trolling.. i am asking? like a little girl because that is what i feel at this moment in time. YES he does control me.

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    • He won't accept bad behaviour? Hypocrite.

      So he says: stand on one foot, sing the national anthem backwards while juggling 3 apples.
      .. aaaand you are going to do it?

    • will have a problem signing the national anthem though, don't even know if frontwards ;)

      on a serious note. obey. Yes of course i will do it, with great difficulty but He would see that i tried to do it

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