Bringing friends to a Date?

So this girl i met on a dating site tried to have our first meeting with some of her friends and i´m like girl, i want to know you first... but ok i´d do it. then she said i was right and we should date without friends first, so we did. second date she tried to take her friend with her again... what is this? what should i think of it? also: she was the one who liked me. i wasn´t even going to meet her but since she wanted to, i thought i´d give it a go.


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  • She is still not comfortable with meeting you alone.
    I did it once when a guy asked me out and I ran to my girl-friends asking if they can accompany me. If I was still not comfortable with him, then I'd being my friends along the second time too but there was no second time. ALAS!

    • She asked me out though... Also we already had a date alone.

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    • bitte sehr xD

    • Thank you for MHG :)

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  • She isn't sure if she trusts you and the added bonus of 'the internet connection' is even more suspicious.
    Even though you met her once - she still isn't convinced you're a 'good guy'.

    Maybe it's something completely different in which case you should probably ask her what's up.

    • yeah but i mean if you have the trust to meet him once, why would you not trust him the second time... i mean if i gave her a creepy or "bad guy" vibe, then why would she even want to see me again anyway?

    • I don't know. That's what I was thinking... Not really sure here.
      Maybe you didn't seem all that weird but you also didn't instill much confidence in her - as in she doesn't trust you but she doesn't yet feel comfortable around you.
      Maybe she's trying to create an environment where she'll be more relaxed - hence her friends... Maybe you can bring your friends too? Everyone would be more relaxed.

    • hmm ok well i guess i won´t meet her again. if i´m that uncomfortable to her, she´d better look for somebody else.

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