Any one who can tell me difference between love and lust?

I want to know is there are one out here who can tell me the difference between love and lust. Can you love and don't have sex... in your whole life. I don't want lectures... i want real experience.
Loved to hear from both SarahsSummer and Junlian but can you tell me what happens if a guy or girl is in lust while the other is in love... what happens... what should be prioritize by that person who is in love..
great great opinions coming in thanks KaylaS91 and existing_not_living... now adding to this very question -

Many people say that if you want to know whether you are in love or not you should try to separate from him/her for a while and if you still remember him/her all the time then you are in love... do you think same or it is just a makeup by hollywood movies.. just like kissing can tell you if a person loves you or not


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  • Lust is purely physical/sexual. All you want from the person is sex, no emotions involved. You have insane sexual chemistry, nothing more.

    Love is when you're completely taken with the person as a whole. You get along well in terms of personality, giving each other butterflies. Love also sometimes grows from what starts as lust, or at least love will almost always happen alongside lust. Love is when the well-being and you relationship with this person and whether or not things are going well begins to take a higher priority to yourself and your own ego.

    (If one partner is in love and the other is just in lust, nothing happens. Neither of them can give the other what they want. The one who is in lust will not want any sort of emotional attachment, only looking for NSA. The one who is in love will get sex, but may mistake that for receiving mutual emotional interest which they in reality are not going to be getting from someone who is just in lust with them.)

    • To answer your latest update; no, just because you think of someone all the time does not mean you are in love. I mean, even if you're just friends with benefits, a purely casual sex sort of thing based on lust, you might think of them quite often because the sex is just that good. That's a horrible way to know if you're in love or not.

      To help you separate lust from love, could you enjoy your hangouts together just as much even if you didn't have sex? Or would it be a complete failure then?

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    • what? Resist failure in love?
      Love makes you think and act in ways you might never have done before. That's correct in some moments.

    • hmmm... quite complicated... just like religion and god.. anyway loved your answers... nice explanantion

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  • Love is when you don't care about the sex but can spend a bit a second with them and it matters. Lust is sex first and spending time with them becomes a bit of a drag cause amount of effort it takes. From my experience, true and real love allows you to stay attracted to the person with caring and honest heart. Where as lust your unsure where to place them. You see flaws that makes think twice about committing to a relationship.


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  • Love is a much deeper all encompassing feeling than lust, which is more focused solely on our animalistic desires for sex with someone. .

  • Lust is something that something physical. It's what you see on the outside. It's like your first impression of the person. My best friend thought he was "in love" with his recent ex and I knew it was just lust. He barely knew her and was blinded by what he saw at first glance and not what was truly there. Lust is more of a sexual thing. It's what gets your blood pumping.

    Love is something that takes time. It is not what you see on the outside, but what is on the inside. It's an emotional connection. It's not just what gets your blood pumping but it's what keeps it that way. Love is when you know the persons faults and flaws and acknowledge them all the while you still care and accept/deal with them. Love is unconditional. Lust? Not always.


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