Why girls take so much time to initiate a message / e-mail to a guy?

i gave my email to a girl to send me the notes, i know she likes me for sure...
but she did not email me , and its been 3 days...
why girls do that?


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  • Well usually I do not wait more than one day if I really like the guy. Maybe she is just busy or she wants to seems interesting. 3 days is not so much, when a week pass then you can start worry.

    • We meet once weekly,
      do u think if she really liked me she would have emailed me? or she is just no interested?
      or she is trying hard to get? or not seeming desperate?

    • I think an email is not so personal as a phone number that is why maybe she doesn't feel they hurry to write you soon. Do you have her phone number? because maybe you could send her one text to remind her to send you the email.

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  • okay try to just wait if she message you then cool if she not then i know that you are getting mad about it that she is not sending you any message. try to cam dawn @Luci16602 is right that after a week you have to worry okay so wait if she message you or not then if you have a no then text her no about what you want on email or you should meat her in person


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  • That way they don't seem super desperate. They don't wanna be uber available.


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