Girls, religion and overprotective parents won't let us go out?

I'm at a point where I don't know what to do.

I've met a girl that I've known for six months now, she isn't from this country but I swear I fell for her the first instant I saw her. She is beautiful, amazing personality and most importantly a beautiful person inside. We talk a lot during work and spend a lot time together talking, texting... again during work.

I asked her if we could ever go out to show her the city and just spend some time out in general but she said her parents would never allow that. She isn't happy about her culture but she lives with her parents and must follow their rules.

I don't want to invest too much of my emotions in her even though I like her a lot but I'm at a standstill. Should I just move on and forget about her?


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  • if u really love her, u won't give up.

    it's not meant to be easy. the question is, how far are u willing to go?


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