My ex boyfriend said he wants me to wait for him, why?

been in contact with him for nearly a week now. We haven't really spoke much since we split up.
He said he wanted us to be friends, then that led to him saying he wants us to be civil. And the reason we're talking again is because he wants to show me he is a new person.

The break up was a bad one, i left him few weeks later he had a new girlfriend. Which caused even more arguments between us. Anyway that is no longer important its the past.

I told him i was going to let everything go from past situations so i can move on, he respected that. And now all of a sudden he wants to tell me that he wants me to wait for him. I told him i would but only for a few months then i'm walking away. He replied a few months is all he needs.


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  • Because he's dating someone else now and wants to see if it works with her. If it doesn't then he can come back to you cause you're just waiting around


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