Girls, What do I do to try and get her back?

I was seeing this beautiful girl and we got along pretty well, we texted every day and everything felt great, until we got into a small argument and suddenly stopped talking for a while, when we finally started talking again things didn't feel the same and now we dont text or talk as often. I still have feelings for her and really like her but i dont think she feels the same towards me anymore and I dont know what to do, any advice?
Thank you for your responses! To answer some things, the argument left no resentments, it's just that things felt different after the wholesituation. I had also told her many times the way I felt about her and have tried to get her to go out for a coffee to talk but always seems to busy to go out. We haven't talked for a few days now and I feel totally lost of how to approach the situation.


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  • It seems to me that the biggest issue here is lack of communication. Did you ever tell her you have real feelings for her and you want something serious? If you didn't, it's time to do it; and make sure the argument you had left no resentments, so talk it through again if you need to and apologize if you have to. So basically, open the game to her. At this point, you have nothing to lose because if you don't react, she'll be gone; but if you do, there's a chance things will turn around. So go for it, speak your mind to her. I hope she feels the same! Good luck.


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  • Why don't you ask her out?


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