Guys, Is he mad at me, if so what should I do?

This guy I know likes me and I like him. He texted me last night at 9:46pm and I didn't text him back until 10:13pm I was on the phone with my sister who was crying and I didn't see his text til I got off. I sent him a question in return but he never replied and he ALWAYS replies to me. I feel awful bc I wasn't playing games but I think I may have upset him. Is 27 minutes too long to reply to a text? What do I do now, I dont want to lose him over something so stupid. I hate playing games, and I fear he's playing them with me/

And I know he saw it cause I saw him on Facebook multiple times. He's ignoring me :(


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  • If that's any indication as to how he would react during a relationship, you are better off without him. Senseless childish behavior. Ur entitled to take as long as u want when responding. Don't feel bad

    • Thank you! He finally responded today at 2:30 saying work was crazy. Whatever I don't have time for mind games. Thanks :)

    • You got it lady. Anytime :)

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