Why can't I take care of myself?

I feel like everyone around me has their shit together except me, its like i can't find my way, im 23 and wasted so much time living at home, i live in a dead town, i should have taken the world by storm at 18 and went my own way, but i wasn't responsible, i wasted so much time. I m searching for my own appartment for months now and some of the people i know found one in one month while im still searching, i feel like im just an unlucky bird.


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  • Well, make incremental changes to improve whatever doesn't seem to be going well for you. For example, try a new approach at finding a new apartment. Or look in a new area.

    But listen, 23 ain't shit. There are people who find themselves in positions similar to yours at 43. Or 63. It ain't shit. You're still very young and have the a universe of possibility and opportunity in front of you. Seriously. You could even still START college and not look or feel out of place. So don't sweat it.

    Life sucks sometimes, man. Just do what you can to make it better. Follow your heart and your bliss. Good luck. :)

    • everybody keeps saying ohh you should have been a model, you should have been this or that you could have had so much, im 23 who is going to except me as a model?

    • Lots of people. But modelling is a career of cruelty. One of the hardest industries, not only to be successful in, but to maintain sanity in. That said, 23 isn't too late, especially for retail and catalogue modelling, and especially for regional work.

      But it would be a self-harming thing to focus on negatives, or what might have been. Don't waste time NOW concentrating on what you theoretically may have lost out on THEN. :)

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