Guys, do I need to give him space or reach out to him?

So I've been dating my guy for just over 2 months. Everything in the first 6-8 weeks were great. It was he typical 'honeymoon' stage and we'd spend 3 times a week together (although he lived an hour from me) and we'd text all day every day! He has met my friends and they all thought we were adorable together and seemed like a proper couple already. He really made the effort to get to know them all. I've been introduced to his friends and he has told his family about me. I haven't met them yet because they live 3 hours away and I didn't think it would be right until we were official.

Amyway he went on holiday for 5 days with friends and family. We didn't contact during that time but things got back to normal when he was back with texting. He started a new job when he got back which increased his hours to 45hrs, Monday-Friday. I knew he would be busy when he got back so I wasn't expecting him to meet up.

It's been 2 weeks since he got back and we still haven't met up!! He did say the other day when I asked him if he wanted to meet up that he can't say for sure this week as one of his colleagues is in hospital so he may be asked to do overtime to fill in the gaps. I was upaet but didn't tell him. I replied 'I'm sorry to hear that. I understand work must be manic'.

We had been texting pretty much every day since he started his new job but only a couple times a day. I can tell he isn't a texter.

I was really missing him last week but again I didn't tell him. I received some news that my granny took a turn for the worse so I called him at 11:30pm but he didn't answer so I texted him saying I'd heard some sad news and didn't know who to talk to. I regretted sending it but he replied the next morning apologising for my missed calls and asked if I was ok. I was upset but said I'd be fine. He has been supportive in his way.

i just want to know for sure he cares about me and wants to continue this relationship. I feel like he doesn't always care.
I also forgot to say we haven't texted since Sunday ( 2 days ago). I haven't wanted to bother him and I sent the last text so I feel he needs to text me next. The text I sent wasn't a question but we usually text one then the other. I want to give him space and also time to miss me and wonder what I'm up to


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  • It kind of sounds like he's backing out of the relationship. If it were me, i'd probably walk away and then re-evaluate if they ever got their shit together.


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