What did she mean by this?

This girl I dated said to me "I dont want to be treated like an object"? Its weird because I'm not the kind to treat girls like objects. We did the usual flirting calls and texts messages with the occasional sexual innuendos, but I dont see why she'd tell me this. It was after we slept together too. Could it be that it was because of her previous dating history? I dont know how to take this, help? Could this be a red flag of a "damaged girl"?


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  • She may likely have a bad history but the good thing is she's only putting it out their so u know what she expects from a guy (you). She isn't implying you would treat her as an object, but she's saying it so you know for future


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  • its a red flag!

    • could you tell me the reason behind your opinion if you dont mind?

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