Is it difficult to be better than a girl's ex when I never even had a gf?

A girl I crush on had her very first boyfriend in high school and they were together for over 2 years. They broke up 2 years ago. She is now a freshman in college and still single.

I like her a lot. But I am 21 and never had a girlfriend. I have had sex, but not a girlfriend. She on the other hand has never had sex due to religious beliefs but she fooled around with him all the time.

Will it be hard to be better than her last boyfriend in her eyes? Do you think she won't feel as intense of feelings and decide it won't work?

I am just looking into the future to determine my outcome.
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Oh I am willing to wait until marriage for sex if I like a girl enough
Can GAG not suck for once and people contribute like they used to on here?


Most Helpful Girl

  • It could be better.

    • You really think I can outshine her first serious relationship?

Most Helpful Guy

  • If you're willing to listen and if you provide her with what she wants and needs in a boyfriend, you will be better than her last girlfriend.
    I'm not saying to just do everything she wants, but to listen and to try to fulfill her needs in a reasonable way.

    • And you think I can really outshine her last?

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    • But do you think it can be much harder to win a girl's heart if I am not her first?

    • Most girls don't stay with their first partner, so it's not much harder.

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What Girls Said 1

  • Nah, you just do you!

    • Why do you say this?

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    • No I don't really think so.

    • Thank you. I did not k is if I should expect a fail

What Guys Said 2

  • How would you even know if you're better than her last?

    Many girls will lie and tell their current boyfriend that he's "the best she's ever had" in order to stroke his ego. Just try and be good.

    • I am fearful to let a girl be my first love when I am not hers. I am fearful she will retain the baggage of her former ex especially if he was her first serious love.

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    • Not talking about sex dude. Talking about the guy who impacts her heart the most

    • Yes, if you're the first guy she sleeps with that will have an impact on her heart. Also, she was with him for 2 years. If you end up being the guy she wants to settle down with you will be with her for way more than 2 years.

      Just don't obsess over it and try to make eachother happy. If you let the thoughts of out doing her ex consume you then you'll be shooting yourself in the foot.

  • Just ask yourself why they broke up in the first place. Because it didn't work. It will be harder, but you can DEFINITELY do better than her ex.

    • Apparently from the little bit she told me is that he accused her of sending a nude. Something does not sound right. A virgin girl who was broken up with after being involved in a 2 year relationship for an "accusation".

      I don't know, but do you think I can ignite an even better intensity being the average guy I am?

    • Yea! Don't doubt yourself so much, because she will start to notice, and guys that are always doubting themselves are a turn off for girls.

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