Does he like me?

I went to high school with this kid a year older than me we used to sit next to eachother in class. We flirted on and off and i always thought it was all just a joke to him. He was that "most popular" bad boy kid- like everyone knew who he was/is. He went to college as i did (different colleges). He just graduated and moved back to our hometown where i've been bc i went to college nearby and we ended up matching on tinder. He would text me and stuff then finally i went to his place for a short time and (mind you i look like shit lately- acne has slapped straight across my face out of no where but anways) we ened up making out and he said he always thought i was cute in high school (red flags went up in my head bc well hey he still seems like he's that guy in high school- player) he had to go somewhere and said we could meet up later that night but that never ended up happening. we texted few times after but seemed to "keep missing eachother" or he was acutally really busy. So i gave it a few days rest texting him seeing what he's up to if he wants to hang out and things like that, until today. I texted him saying whatsup and he responded an hour later saying "hi [insert name]"

^ so basically that response kind of threw me off.. to me it sounds like he's saying "oh hi ya i don't really care for you but i'm just gonna say hi bc [insert some lame reason]

also what should i respond? something to get him interested if he isn't

ps i did snapchat him a few times since we hung out
  • likes me and he was prolly busy
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  • doesn't like me quit texting him i'm annyoing him
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  • He likes you as a friend


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