Will he come back or is it completely over?

I met a guy from Tinder. At first, total smooth talker! He's successful, attractive, and can probably get any girl he wanted in bed. Being a Tinder veteran, I knew those guys clearly wanted one thing and one thing only, so I didn't read into his behavior too much. After a few weeks, we decided to meet up. I went into the date already assuming that he just wants to "have fun" and not take anything seriously. From the way he was behaving, I was struck with an INTENSE gut instinct that he liked me way more than he thought he would (my gut has never failed me). Later, he told me that he just wanted to start out as friends and doesn't want emotions since last year, a girl hurt him and hasn't had any feelings for a girl since (she cheated?). I said I'm happy to go with the flow and start as friends. Conversation flowed all night. He even held me in his arms, kissing me saying he won't let anyone hurt me and that I can tell him anything in my heart. Once home, he texted me saying he was glad we met. He texted me the next day and continued a cute convo until night. He mentioned that he didn't want me talking to other guys like we do and, minutes later, he randomly flips out! Tells me that I want a relationship and he's not ready for that, he will hurt me and I need to calm down. I never said that and assured I want to be friends. Whatever happens, happens. I changed the subject. Almost as if he wanted to sabotage whatever he was naturally feeling to protect himself. I gave him space and didn't text him for a few days which then he contacted me. A few days later, I told my friends about him. They tried to convince me he was using me, even though I knew deep down he really liked me. I mistakenly freaked on him, later I apologized for 50 times. He went on an on about how I'm just drama and he doesn't need that in his life. Only time I ever freaked out in the weeks we've been talking. We haven't talked in 4 days. I really like him. Will he eventually contact me? :(


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  • Sounds like a Dear Diary story.

    It's Tinder sweetheart. A solid 10/10 nurse with an adorable smile flaked on me not once, but twice. Guess what I did. I moved on as you should too as well.

    • Trust me, I know it sounds completely stupid. I've been on A LOT of Tinder dates with many guys who are the total package and when it doesn't work out after the date or I know they just want to hook up, I move on the very next day. I have a pretty good track record of moving on rather quickly. This guy I can't seem to shake. If he didn't act the same way, if not sweeter, after the first time we met, I wouldn't have thought twice about this.

    • Yeah I know what you mean. The best way is to try and date someone else. Hopefully that will make you move on as there are guys better than him out there.

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