Why did my parents say that I don't need a girlfriend a few years ago but they're saying the opposite now?

From age 12-15 I wanted a girlfriend but I could never get one. I guess girls dont like flowers or going out to the movies. As time went by I cared less and less about having one and now I'm just not interested in having one. Now that I'm older, its happened a few times where a girl I become friends with wants to date me (I'm not a bad guy so I dont know why this happened) I liked the girls (at the different times) but rejected them becuase its too late for me to have someone & I got hella rejects from the past. I'm currently talking to a girl that now I like :( and my friends say she likes me but I dont believe it. She said she's cried over me (becuase we live 5 hours from eachother) and she sent me a love letter, but I really dont think she likes me. But thats besides the point, my parents and friends who saud I dont need a girlfriend are now telling me to get a girlfriend. Why is this I dont understand


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  • They probably think that now is the proper time to get one. If you like that girl, you should pursue her even though you live 5 hours apart from each other.

    • What if she says no?

    • So what? Learn to deal with the rejection.

    • I can deal with rejection just fine but all my friends think that she likes me because I showed them the 2 page love letter she wrote me and bc she cried over me (she said bc were far away from each other and we never get to see each other) I dont think she has a crush on me but all my friends do

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