I got caught looking at another girl and now my girlfriend is mad, should I just give it time (first time having trouble with my gf)?

She is my only girlfriend i had and we've been dating for 3 months. Never got into an argument but today she caught me looking at this other girl for a good 5 seconds and now she is a bit mad and won't talk to me. My friend said it's ok and that she will get over it, is this true?


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  • Yes she will get over it. You should tell her to be more confident in herself and in you, because at the end of the day you don't have to be with her but you are. No matter how many chicks your digging you have your emotions invested in her, no one else.

    • yup that is true. She is a confident girl, trust me, so just basically after 2 days say sorry or something?

    • Not necessarily apologize but reassure her that you belong to her and no one else.

    • ok, thanks

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  • Ya ur friend is right, just give it time?


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  • She is jealous now.

    • she seems pretty confident about things, should i bring it up?

    • No, then you get into trouble.

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