How to act when ex who dumped you wants you back?

Ok so this girl I loved broke up with me during Christmas. Anyways she's now hitting me up on facebook all of a sudden.
1. Liking my statuses, tagging me on a post (first time in months).
2. She's asking me for recommendations on books that she should read.
3. Two days ago she messaged me asking me for advice on investment (I'm not into investment) and I didn't respond, but showed that I saw it.
4. Then tonight I posted a status on "going on a roadtrip this winter to see if she would respond, she responded with "where do you wanna go". But I didn't respond
5. The kicker, I also posted a status of a cover photo of the beach that said "I miss you" and she also liked it.

A part of me wants to get back with her and a part of me doesn't because she seemed to start talking to some other guy as soon as she stopped talking to me.
Additionally she suddenly started hitting me up as soon as I felt a loss of attraction, but now that she did the feelings came back but I'm more self controlled than ever before. I'm literally a much much better person. But what do you guys think? A part of me hopes she returns, but I don't think someone can like someone again. I told her i loved her in the past and she never said it back. I don't know what to think or do.


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  • Sucks to suck dumbass.

    So what? She dumped you because she thought she could do better and now, having explored her options, realized she didn't have any, and is crawling back? Please.

    • I imagined you saying that while snapping your fingers lol but your right. It's not easy when you have feelings for them but your right

    • Lol

      No, I had a friend who did the whole deal you're going through. And guess what? He constantly thought he could do better so he'd dump her/cheat and then come crawling back. She went through like 5 break ups this way. Not worth it.

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