Is he trying to distance me from him?

This guy and I talk online daily for the past year. He is aware of how I feel and from what I understand he feels similarly. He feels emotionally closed off from his past relationship, and is worried about being able to see eachother due to living circumstances... So he isn't sure what he wants or is ready for. That being said, I told him I would start pursuing other guys if he wasn't ready or interested in dating. He said he was, though I did go on one date since and he shut off his phone for the whole time and then in the middle of the night asked about the date. I told him about this guy being clingy with me and how I'd be okay with it if there were a real bond there but in this instance it was very off putting. He asked if it was okay for him to be that way with me and I said ok. He acted close to me for a while after and then lately has been messaging me a lot less, sort of making excuses for why he hasn't been talking every time he does... Even though I've not been asking him why. Is he trying to end things slowly or is he getting scared by having started to open up?


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  • Time to move on and end things

    • I think I agree. Just wish it weren't the case. Thanks for the reply!

    • No problem I'm glad you recognize it as well

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