Should I assume he's ignoring me? Should I move on or be patient?

So I met this guy while travelling and he still is overseas. The past couple of weeks we spent talking daily messaging and we got along really well. We were talking about meeting up again too.
He sent me a few annoying drunk messages the other day and the next day (Monday) he made a comment about how he wouldn't drunk text me again. I was busy so I didn't reply, I figured we could talk later
Last night I messaged him and just said Hey how's your week going? :)
and he hasn't replied yet... But he's seen it and has been online since then and it's been a full day.

I don't know why he would ignore me, but if he doesn't reply I think it's reasonable to delete him and move on?
I figured if he read it he has time to reply right?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He ignored you because he thought he may have offended you or disgusted you after he sent you drunk messages. He was further convinced that he have offended you after you did not respond to his message "he wouldn't drunk text again". When a guy apologize and you do not make acknowledgement to accept his apology, he will take it as apology not accepted.


What Girls Said 1

  • Honestly, I think you should stop wasting your time with him.


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