How do guys feel about you dating their younger brother?

i dated this guy and it wasn't really serious it lasted like three weeks and we broke up because i didn't feel like we had a connection and i see his younger brother around and hes cute and he know i think that and i see him looking at me a lot we flirt ever once in awhile and hes asked me out on a date but i don't know what to answer because in the back of my mind I'm just like what would people think and most importantly what will his brother and our friends think cause me and my ex have the same friends so i just wanted to know what you guys think about it

hope you guys will help me please and thank you :)


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  • I would give my brother a high five and tell him stuff about you. Props to the little brother for scoring with my ex. After he started dating her, I would make it hella awkward for him though (because of brotherly love ;D)


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