I'm 18, she's 20. We've been together 9 months and officially dating 7. So here's my question. Why do I cry when I tell my girlfriend that I love her?

Okay, so I'm gonna try to explain what happens. I tell her frequently and she tells me frequently and it isn't always or even usually a problem. Like when I say I love you bye, etc. it's not an issue. However, on occasion when I tell her and really am thinking about the way I feel about her I just start crying. It also sometimes happens to where I can't even say it. Like we'll just be lying there looking at each other or talking and shell pause and say I love you and I just look back and can't respond because I start tearing up. What is up with this? I have no idea what is causing this and it bothers me a bit. I'd like to know the reason for it. I know obviously none of you people know me or the situation perfectly but maybe some of you could give some possibilities and reasons for why you believe that's the reason and I could choose the one I believe most likely or maybe it'll be enough for me to say yep, that's it.
lol Holy shit there's a lot of assholes on this site. Is there a way to modify it and go back on the option of who can respond because no guys have any useful input. I mean do some guys just come here to feel masculine and put other guys down? I'm legitimately just curious because I could not give the slightest bit of a fuck what some anonymous neck beard on a website thanks of me or my relarionship. It's just funny they think I do :)


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  • I did that when I first got with my boyfriend the answer is your falling in love deep love and you don't know if they are to and you don't wanna get hurt or lose her because u are now head over heels for her

    • That actually makes the most sense so far. I often find myself curious as to how she really feels because while I trust her I don't know exactly what she feels and I just love her so much I legitimately wonder sometimes if it's even possible she feels the same about me. Of course I don't ask because first of all I don't wanna be that guy constantly asking for affirmation and second the whole problem is her saying it doesn't let me experience what she's feeling. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to respond :)

    • No problem Good luck to you and your girl one day she will tell you how she feels and you shouldn't be afraid to ask her

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  • you cry and she doesn't give a shit about you. Son, I have bad news...

    • What? Is that supposed to be coherent? Is it even coherent to yourself?

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  • ... @sawno... u never told me u have a twin!

    OMG this is SO cute though. i dont think there's much to it tbh, other than the fact that ur just so overwhelmingly in love with this girl. i guess hearing her affection for you is a very emotional experience for you. maybe ur so grateful she's yours, or maybe you never wanna lose her. whatever the reason, happy tears are great :)
    best of luck to u both.

  • you should work on it cuz i really see it going well in future.. one time is okay.. maybe 2 times.. even tho there is nothing to cry about.. but every time? that's too much.. she will get annoyed..

    • Thanks, but like I said it's very infrequent. Definitely not every time.

  • It seems like you are someone who is very sensitive. Do you usually get emotional about other things or just your girlfriend?

    • I wouldn't necessarily say so. Mostly just with her I'd say. I try to keep things strictly logical the best I can. When it comes to her though I've just accepted that I love her and have no idea why and it's purely emotional and just works.

    • There must be something about her that makes you really emotional.

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