In your opinion, what would you say we are? (Referring to my relationship)?

so back story, He worked at a bar I was a regular at, we got introduced to each other - added each other on fb and then about two weeks later we went home together after his shift and did the deed. A year later we're still dating, we go to the movies, dinner, hang out at his, chill with his brother and sister and his mates, I visit him at work (he still works at the bar) and he doesn't mind if we kiss or cuddle in public in front of his colleges and mates.

two weeks ago he gave me a rose just because, we talk almost everyday, he calls me darling, beautiful and gorgeous. We have amazing sex, he said I've given him the best head he's ever got (woooo yay me hehe).
I know I should ask him what we are, but I'm curious what you think we are, my friends say he's pretty much my boyfriend just minus the conversation and title. Do you agree? Or if this what you would do with a friend with benefits?


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  • I would say in the category of "Date mate' until he slaps a title on you both as Official.
    However, the most amazing level, that you both are at, is starting to smell like a rose to my own nose. This is definitely leading down a path of "You are mine" and perhaps with a bit more open lines of convo, it will be eventually said "I love you."
    Good luck and good work, sweetie. xxoo

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence.:)) xxoo

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  • This is a description of a couple, not friends with benefits.

  • You should ask him define the relationship

    • I know I should I'm just curious as what other people would classify these actions as.

    • You guys sound like a couple if you met his brother and sister

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