Girls, Dating a guy with kids?


Is it such a big deal to date a guy with kids?
Im 32 with two kids 9 & 6.

How important, if at all, is it that he is childless for you to be interested.

Im about to start dating again and wondering if I should limit my interests to single mums only?

i get plenty of female attention but I'm wondering if me having kids will scare girls away?
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  • It might, depending on their age and what they want in life. If someone's younger and going to university full-time, like me, then it might not be what they want. It's just that if you get serious with a guy with kids, the kids get to become a huge part of your life too, and I'm not mature or capable enough and I don't have enough free time to help look after two young children. If something happens to your relationship, then it hurts the children too. It's a big responsibility for getting serious when there are children involved.

    Plus, the parent can't put their new boyfriend/girlfriend first because the kids have to go first. It's not like starting a new relationship with each other where you're the centre of each other's attention for a while, that attention will always have to be divided, and the new partner can never be a priority.

    There are also just some women who don't want children so obviously they're definitely going to be put off by you already having them :P

    I don't think I'd date someone with two kids right now. It's just a lot of responsibility that I know I wouldn't be able to handle. In a few years when I'm more stable, then maybe, but not right now.


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What Girls Said 6

  • KIds are not baggage... that's an awful term to use... and they should not be viewed like this... You will find it a lot easier if you meet a girl in the same situation as you... both of you will understand the sensitivity of childrens needs when you are in a relationship... both of you will want to keep the children out of the relationship at first until you have built a solid foundation to see each other with your kids and kids see you and your partner... there are the exceptions though... some single women are very understanding and will accept a man with their children regardless, it will be you they will be interested in, however you must always make your children come first... and be upfront to let them know you have children and often you have them. But at the end of the day... sometimes the children determine who they want in your life... and this my friend is something you need to be on top of...
    Good luck in your search and I am sure there will be someone out there for you to accept you for who you are and your children...

  • It is Not easy for any guy nor gal here, dear, to date someone with baggage. It can get complicated because the kids need Kit gloves and always on the top of the Priority list First, rather than the Partner List.
    Go slowwith your flow, Joe, with any girl and be an Honest John in telling them straight out you are Hooked.
    She may frown, she may stay or leave, but one thing is for Sure.. Do not put your heart out on your sleeve.
    Good luck. xx

  • i couldn't date a guy with kids. but I'm younger so I don't know if my opinion matters anyway.

    i would just like to be a guy's first and last marriage.

  • It doesn't matter if they have kids or not it only matters that they aren't assholes with a stick shoved so far up their ass that it can't be retrieved and can't stop saying how handsome he is a treat-raise his kids like their a piece of trash

  • If I was around that age and was interested, it wouldn't bother me.

  • I chose "no" but I meant "HELL NO"


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