Do I have a right to be upset when my girlfriend doesn't tell guys who flirt with her she has a bf?

I thinks she's extremely attractive and many other guys appear to as well. When were out at the bar once in a while other guys talk to her and some ask for her number, to hangout sometime, or plain ask her out. I stay out of it and avoid being the drunk jealous boyfriend that freaks out when someone makes a move on his girl She never sayswere dating and just tell them she's talking to someone at the moment and kindly says their not her type. I asked her why she doesn't introduce me as her boyfriend and if she's embarrassed to be with me in public. She said she doesn't want to make the guy too awkward k owing im right her but it still hurts and I don't believe her. .


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  • It might just be her way of letting them down without hurting them. It's easier t casually blow them off than to explain who she is dating. She might also be private, and not want the world to know her business.

    Does she introduce you as her boyfriend to friends and and other people? If so, I wouldn't worry too much.

    • Yes infront of friends and family but its still I'd like her to say she's in a relationship and be honest.

    • Have you tried asking her to be direct? Maybe she doesn't know that it's bothering you

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  • Her saying she is "talking to someone" isn't enough?

    • Not really If I'm sitting next to her I'd like her to say politely that I'm her boyfriend and she appreciates the compliment or something.

    • in my opinion as long as she acknowledges that she is involved with someone, that's fine.

      You're getting way too caught up and stuck on word play because u want her to use the word "boyfriend".

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