When do women age?

im 23 and i feel like im already too old too model, i can't do it anymore because what if i get wrinkles by the age of 25? what if im too old to do anything.


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  • It depends on everyone I think. I work in retail with many middle aged clientele. There are lots of hot 40 something year olds that come in, but then there are girls my age or in their thirties that look either awful or tired.

    Unfortunately, most of it is genes, but a lot can be done with staying fit/active and putting effort into your appearance.

    Either way, regardless of how you may be 'too old for modeling' (which I doubt) Guys looking for something series (speaking personally here), don't just want someone young looking. Youthful sure, I mean we are 20 somethings, but I care more about a mature personality- younger than 21-22 an they seem to be still crazy party and self absorbed.


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  • Some women genuinely don't age, or age slowly.

    I'm 48 and not a wrinkle to be found, still in good shape, and active as heck. I have good genes, I think.

    Agencies look for models of all ages. If a company is searching for a model to show "older women" style clothing or products, they choose a model who looks good but still represents the age bracket.

    Give it a shot! Makeup artists take care of the little flaws anyway.

    • Wow, you sure don't look 48, my mom is the same, she's 45 and no wrinkle on her face yet. She looks 30sh.

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  • Depends on the woman. My grandmother died in her 70s and never had a wrinkle.

  • It depends more on genes and lifestyle more than actual age.


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