Guys, What The Hell, I need direction?

Hello. I have been dating this guy for like 3-4 months. Well, if you can call it dating. However before that we were FWBs. We have been screwing around for like almost a year next month. I kinda have feelings for him. I told him this in text, and asked him where we were heading. Imn its been too long. Yeah, probably not a good idea. He didn't even reply after. He isn't good with communication, and has had a long term relationship before me.
If he doesn't get it together I am on to the next. Why stay trying to pursue somthing that won't allow me to pursue it? Who the hell has time for that, especially after how long its been. I am tired. What should I do, and how do I handle this? Am I overthinking?

Okay, thank you. I truly appreciate it. I will look into it.


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  • Talk face to face with, texting is such a lame way to do this

    • Well, yeah I agree. I definitely feel like that wasn't the proper way, but I am a little nervous. I have never really had feelings for a guy like this.

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    • Okay. I definitely see your view on the situation. Thank you. You have been really great. I truly appreciate your opinion. I will definitely have a face to face conversation with him about my thoughts on us, and I will see how it goes. Hopefully all goes all well.

    • Here's something that may be helpful to you. There are some views out there on how to manage emotionally charged conversations. It really centers on how to sort both through your emotions and help the person you are talking to sort through theirs in a discussion. Its often used in businesses, but is easily applied anywhere you have a tough subject to broach. Look around, the thought leaders call it "critical conversations". It has a lot of cliche stuff in it, but it also has some legit good stuff.

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