What does it really mean when a guy doesn't respond to your text?

We've known eachother since jr high. Yes we've been having sex often and hanging out

he text me saying babe and how depressed he was and that he wanted to do something but his paycheck didn't go through... I replied and said, so let's go out we don't need money to do the simple things.. He never got back to me. Is he just not that into me? I mean yes we've been seeing eachother often and he's said things that imply we're together but why couldn't he respond back?


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  • He's not that into you. If he was he'd contact you back, you probably shouldn't put out for him again either. He's probably thinking your too clingy or needy. Don't text him for ages, if you see him and talk to him say your busy if he wants to do something!! If he actually likes you he might realise it, if he's still into the silent treatment then he's not for you. McC

    • How is he thinking I'm being needy? I forgot I add when he said he was depressed I replied with keep your heard up... Then HE said "can u help me" I said "how" and that's when he mentioned he wanted to do something so how do I appear needy,

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  • He probably thinks you don't understand him and he thinks you can only have fun when you have money.


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