He doesn't text or contact me, is he not interested?

We had a great first date, easy conversation and lots of things in common. We even held hands breifly, which rarely happens on a first date anymore. That night, he said he'd like to see me again, right before I got back in to my own car and went home. I did tell him I was busy on the upcoming weekend but that I was completely free on week days, and freed up again after the weekend was over. He texted once (literally, just 1 text) the next night, but has not iniciated a text since. I texted him 3 days post date, to tell him I had cooked some awesome food (he had told me he was a foody too.) He replied a bit, but never lead a conversation, pretty much just answered my texts. He did ask/text if "he'd get to see me again some time soon?" and I replied with "I hope so." As in HINT HINT, the ball is in your court, man! It's been another 2 days and I haven't heard anything from him. He occasionally likes a facebook post or photo... but that's all I've heard of him. Is he just not interested? Am I on the back burner? What's the deal? He is 24, I am 28. I would assume a younger person would be all for texting. I keep telling myself maybe he's just not a texter, but that's pretty niave. I am not going to play the dating game... at this point in my life it's either you're in or you're out.


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  • I'm in the Same situation !!! 😂😱😱 like you said the ball is in his court if he really is interested you'll hear from him again 😊 Good luck !!! 💖

    • Good luck to you, too, girl!
      This dating game stuff suckkks.

    • Ugh I know 😂😂 just don't rely on him keep your options opened just in case ☝🏼️☝🏼

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