Is he losing interest?

I've been seeing this guy for about a month now. At the start he used to text me near constantly and now it's kind of sporadic but he still contacts me everyday. He's told me likes me and wants another date. Does texting less mean not as interested?


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  • Yes, if he used to text a lot earlier and now he is texting less, that means he is losing interest and the main reason for that is that he found someone else.
    i would suggest you to talk to him clearly about it...

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    • What do I say to him then?

    • Just talk to him and see his reaction... talk to him on text...
      tell him u are busy now days , if he really likes u , he will understand it and willingly talk to u whether on text or on real date...
      if a guy constantly wants to go on a date, be cautious, coz date is when u get perverted, u can touch a girl, hug her, kiss her and eventually fuck her,,,
      so if he is not interested in talking to u over text and only pushes for a date... just forget him/
      he is not the guy for u

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  • No, it could just mean at that time in their life they are very busy, if he lost interest he would block your number or stop texting you. I know personally that when I first start speaking to someone its constant but once i have gotten to know them i text less because i know i dont need to text them all the time to let them know im interested if you get me


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  • I think he wants to see you in person and move forward with a potential relationship. Texting can get old if you don't have see the person.


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