Can you give me some advice on my next move?

There's this new guy at work and I'm trying to gauge interest. I am always friendly/outgoing and like to make people feel included, so I invited him on a few walks during the work day and also to a group hangout outside of work, and he readily accepted all invites. Now he asks me to have lunch with him everyday and I catch him staring at me a lot. Thing is I don't know if he's interested or just returning my friendliness, because aside from me he mostly keeps to himself. But he comes to my cube every single day and says yes to everything I ask without hesitation just "sure I'm down". The other thing is he moved here from middle east just four years ago so I'm not sure how big of a cultural difference there is as far as dating goes, and because of this/uncertainty working together, I haven't been overtly flirty. He's a super nice guy and easy to talk to once he gets going, and I'm starting to really like him. What should I do to show interest without seeming desperate/what should my next move be? (No I'm not against dating a coworker)


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  • You could meet outside of work just you and him. Maybe go to a park or zoo or something like that.


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