What do you think of people like this?

My younger sister never wants to help out. When she is in despair for money or jobs etc i always help her but when my life seems a mess ''she acts like i need to ''figure'' out by myself'', for example im trying to search for a house and she never helps finding and even said ''who is going to help you move your stuff'' and didn't even offer to help me out (her boyfriend has a car or a family friend she knows), or when my brother acts disrespectful towards she never stands up for me either and just sits quietly or laugh, its like she wants to take all the shine of being a ''responsible'' one. Why does she act like that... She acts like ''i figured it out by myself you go figure it out by yourself'' attitude, im not like that even if i did figure it out by myself i always help another one out with everything, she didn't even wanted to offer me a place in her house...


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  • i can't stand those people.


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