Is he interested in me?

i met him last week in one of my lectures and i approached him after class and introduced myself. we started talking and he asked me where i was going and he said he'd walk me there. before he said by he gave me a hug and asked for my number. later that night we were texting and he asked me if i had a boyfriedn and i said no and when i asked him, he said he was dating someone a while ago but he wanted space so no he's not in a relationship. he said he's not looking for either but he goes with his gut. anyways, he dropped by to say hi to me two days later at the lib on the way to his class and hugged me hello. then on Monday he came and sat with me in class and our shoulder, or legs were always touching. id lean over and he never pulled away. once again he walked me to my next class that day and kinda gave me a little tap before saying bye. the next day he and i met up at the lib because he wanted to switch classes with me and we ended up in a class that worked for us both. if it didn't work for me he took it out of the running. we then went for a walk around campus and ended up sitting outside on a bench and i showed him 2025 pics from my trip this summer and he was fully engaged the whole time. then he hugged me goodbye. today we spent a couple hours together. he sat with me in class again and then after class he went to say hi to some friends and so i introduced myslef and his friends and i were chatting and he said "my friends are friends" or something like that. but the entire time he and i were literally shoulder to shoulder touching. rather tahn going with his friends after class he went with me to the lib and we sat together and then we walked to the campus book store and then he walked me to class again. he opens doors for me and laughs at my dumb jokes. but my concern is this. on Monday he showed me a hickey he got on his neck cuz he was dying of heat frmo wearing a turtle neck. he got it in montrael this past weekend and doesn't even remember it happening. he said he regreted it. anywyas, im not sure if i a friend to him or if he's interested. i keep dropping subtle hints and stuff but im not sure.
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  • I'd say so, but maybe he's being cautious because of the past relationship. I say ask him, being honest is not a turn off for most guys, in fact it usually makes me more interested.

    • but what do i say? i dont want to freak him out since weve only known each other about 2 weeks now haha. i think ill give him another 2 weeks to make a move or at least be more forward or whatnot, otherwise ill ask him what his deal is. im a pretty forward person as is and id rather know if he;s interested in me or not before i waste any more time on a guy who isn't looking to date. he said that he likes having his space when he told me why he stopped seeing this other girl which worries me that he wants to live the single life right now. but then again he has done some stuff that show interest.

    • I think you seem to have the right idea. I'd honestly just ask him, simply "Do you think there could be anything between us?" because that's a pretty open ended question and it's not too pushy and hopefully you also feel like it's not putting too much of your heart on the line. Just remember that there are plenty of guys out there even if he's not interested, mmkay?

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  • he might be!


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  • He's interested and seems genuine.

    • i think so too, but here's my issue, im not sure if im a friend or not. i dont think i am because what guy sits with a girl for 2 hours and looks through all 2000 photos from her trip. and he's bailed on me a few times by leaving campus or what not when he said he may come meet up with me. he appologizes each time and i called him out on it and said ill need an incentive if he wants me to change classes with him and he said "ill negotiate one big awesome hug per day."

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    • I think just do what you've been doing. He seems open to negotiate so keep that in mind.

    • ya. i think he's def interested. to what degree im not sure. but we get along so well. no awkward silences and i notice in class he checks me out every once in a while. we have a lot in common and the more we talk the more i have in common with him. i think im going to take a few steps back and let him do the chasing more. im a pretty forward person so its hard to let the man take the lead. like we haven't spoken about dating or anything yet isnce we just met last week hahhaa.

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