I need help my ex's friend and I are talking and I dont know what to do?

ok so i have had the best guy i the world and then it went down hill and we broke up my step dad kicked out my family we move my boyfriend didn't help his friend did i started a new school his friend helped me through it i started a new cadet corp his friend helped he didn't through the beark up he was there know we talk and we both like each other and what do i do they had a fight aboiut his friend trying to take me and now i think he has is this a good idea?

can i have some help please
i really dont know what to do


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  • If you like him go for it. Sounds like this guy is a good guy, and honestly love is love, if you guys can be happy then you deserve to be happy. Sorry to hear about your step dad though, wish you the best of luck!


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  • its a good idea!


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