Love Triangle between roomates&neighbors?

So there are 4 girl roomates and there are 4 guy roomates next door.
Lets call the girls a, b and c.
Lets call the guys d, e and f

So the girl (b ) likes the guy e but also interested in d.
and the girl (c ) really likes the guy d
But the guys (d), (e) and (f)(guy f is interested in her (a) but he has a girlfriend so he's not going to do anything) all like the girl a

What should we do?


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  • A & C each have some dates with D and D has to figure out who he likes best. This is like the TV show, The Bachelor. Either A or c will be the loser. B & E have some dates and see if it works out. F is out of the picture because of the girlfriend. Another alternative is group sex and see what happens.

    • Umm guy d likes girl a.. And girl c likes guy d

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  • You should find other people to crush on.


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  • Have an orgy, film it, sell it to a porn distributor, and split the money.

  • Sounds like fuckin algebra, y'all need Jesus.


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