For the female GAG users who are Goth, would you ever date a non-goth guy (even if he was barely becoming one)?

There's something about the gothic make-up that I love in gothic women. They're just so unique. I've always been interested in the goth subculture but I just felt like I would never really be a part of them judging by my own overall personality.
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  • looks dont matter to me.


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  • I know right lol I find them so freaking attractive as well x3 but I feel that they think I listen to mariachi stuff unless I wear my band shirts lol

    • Let me guess. It's because you're a Mexican. lol

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    • Lol I listen to heavy metal, melodic death metal goth and regular death metal

    • And sigh guess you know the struggle lol

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  • I hope so. I'm attracted to Goth girls, but I'm not Gothic.


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