How many times have you hang out with your girlfriend or bf?

How many times have you hang out with boyfriend or gf?

I and my boyfriend are live neighborhood but I'm student and he isn't. We are dated first time this Monday and met yesterday too.

I want meet up him every day but I guess he will get feel as annoying if I tell him about that.

I told him I wanna meet today, he just say "yeah you'll come over right now." And I said "I can't right now so after school or before school" and he said just "after." And I said "ok would you come to school around 7pm?" But he never response. ( I'm going adult school at night.)
He don't need me if I can't go when he need?

Will you feel annoying If I tell your girlfriend say I wanna hang out or meet up every day?

And so I don't know but he want to do sexual things, I want too but I worried he will leave if we do that, like my ex.
Should I do that or shouldn't?


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  • Do whatever feels right to you. Personally I think a couple should have their own group of friends just so one doesn't act clingy around the other. Everyone needs their space.


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  • I would love to see my boyfriend more often but due to work we only see each other once a week. He lives 30 minutes away also.


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  • dont do it!


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