Girls, I messed up. Is the problem fixable?

Hey girls, So there is this girl in my high school class who seemed to show a lot of interest in me. She is always staring at me, I catch her doing it constantly. So me being the type to rush at girls quick, I followed her on Twitter. Not a big deal, she accepted and followed back. Keep in mind I have only talked to this girl maybe once for 1 minute in real life. So I stupidly rushed it instead of trying to talk to her IRL and Direct Messaged her on Twitter. We had a normal conversation about 8 lines long when I slightly hinted at taking her out some time, "yeah you should let me take you to x some time". So she didn't respond at all after that, yet the next day in school she is still staring at me every chance she gets. Am I right to think I this was weird and too quick, and maybe I can still remedy it by talking to her IRL? I was thinking she probably just got super weirded about it, and didn't know how to respond, yet still seems attracted and probably just wants to get to know me better first as she does seem shy. Some friends were saying that if she finds you attractive she will almost always say yes even if it's quick... Not sure how true this is as all girls are different and this one seems very shy. So basically my two questions to you girls are, Should I still go for it as I really do kinda like this girl? And Should I just completely forget I ever messaged her and start talking to her in real life like a fresh start (of course remember her name), or should I bring it up?


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  • Try talking to her in real life. I'm not sure if she is interested, but at this point why not just try. Me personally I like when people interact with me and not over a computer. Can't say it'll work out fine but I do think you should just at least attempt it.

    • This is what I was thinking. Even if she still shows no interest at least I have closure.

    • Also keep in mind I don't think this girl has ever had a boyfriend before (sheltered by parents In past) therefore she may just not want to commit to anything that quickly with someone she barely knows.

    • It would at least make it definite. I know I'm the type to want specific answers. No guessing games. And well I got out of my first relationship about 8 months ago... Didn't know the guy very well at the time and well I didn't mind it. But I'm a very open and welcoming person, she may be shy. I still say give it a shot. why not is how I see it.

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  • Its hard to tell if she likes you but id say maybe try talking to her in real life

  • You didn't mess up. She's just not interested and never was


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