How do I say to bed when I miss him?

Am i weight gf?

I and he in relationship last week.
I want a hang out or just meet with boyfriend every day and also want text while time.
But I can't say that to him coz I think I'm so weight girlfriend to him.

When I miss him Ik I should call him or text him but I guess he will get feel annoying if I do that. And so I know I must do not but I contact to friends with benefits and talk them. I haven't sex with them after make boyfriend.

I know I must be stand anole and don't do something make his feel bad. But I'm so lonely and want his attentions anytime. What should I do.

Will you get feel annoying to her if your girlfriend text to you like "I miss you I want to meet you right now."

But we just dating a while ago so maybe his feels like creepy if I say those kinda.


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  • Honestly I wouldn't feel annoyed. I might feel the same way about her and be facing the same dilemma! And I wouldn't want my girlfriend texting her old friends with benefits at all. Text him and ask him if he's busy, say that you miss him. I don't think it's creepy I think it's cute, and it lets him see that you care.


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