U ask ur boyfriend to meet so u can work things out which he agreed but asked to bring him dinner? Cheap much? Conditions?

What do i do.. He said ok but can u bring me dinner as he finishes work late. I feel like im spending a lot on this guy n all i got for my bday is movies... 10 bucks... N i gave him gifts n romantic dinner.. For vday.. A romantic night out... What i got.. Nothing.. His time n affection.. Im not asking for diamonds but some effort to show he cares. What to do? ...


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  • Tell him all this, then dump him. If it's important to you and you're important to him, he'll come after you and change. If he doesn't fight for you then it obviously means less to him than it should. You can't give him too many chances and it sounds like he's let you down a lot, I think it's time to make a drastic decision to show him how serious you are.

    If it's not that important, just let him know how it makes you feel and ask him why? I can't tell how important this is to you based on what you said, but personally if I were you, I'd go with my first suggestion. No point wasting time on chumps, plenty of guys out there who will treat you right :)


What Girls Said 1

  • run for the hills!!

    • I knoe right... Its like he thinks im his sugar mama or something.. Im working two jobs to pay my bills!!

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