Why would a good relationship turn into something only sexual?

I started seeing a guy a couple of months ago and it was great. When a amount of time has passed and it starts to get serious I can't really handle it. I think I have some sort of problem with relationships although I want one badly. I pulled away by fear and began to pull away even more to a point where I could go days then weeks without talking to him but he would send me some sort of text in between. Our relationship or whatever we have began to develop into a sexual relationship, no communication and more sex. We don't talk much but he says he wants me to talk to him more, he has started to text late where he expresses himself in a flirty/sexual way which he would never do before. It's almost like I pulled away and then he went all in for sex. Our relationship is not ruined but it is messy, I don't know what we are and neither does he. Not sure how it turned out this way but I talk to him more now hoping we might be able to have a talk asap.


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  • maybe it have never been a good relationship? (no pun intended)


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