How do I abandon this ship-wreck of a 'she has a boyfriend' situation?

I met this girl at college a while back and we hit it off immediately. I don't know how it happened- but gradually she and I got closer and closer. Eventually we'd watch movies or hang out late and she'd always sleep on my shoulder or hold my hands, it just felt wrong. She has a boyfriend, not to mention a guy I'm friends with. I met him on the same day I met her. They're always having issues. So as time went on my emotions toward her became completely torn between absolutely crazy about her, and just confused at her- well- act of complete disloyalty. I am by no means any better... so please don't form a response centered around this fault in particular. As this uncomfortable feeling inside be grew, I eventually drew the conclusion I need to confess my feelings for her and then essentially leave, for two reasons: The first being I needed to clear my mind of her, knowing full well that up until that point I was being a love-sick puppy, chasing her everywhere with no end- as I can't be with her. The second reason being I knew full well that even if I did date her, she's clearly the type to gravitate toward whatever is appealing to her, regardless if she's with someone or not. The cuddling hand-holding shit needed to stop. I feel like a pig just typing this now. We formed this pathetic justification that we were just doing it as friends and there was nothing wrong with it. It's painfully obvious that was utter bull. So, I confessed. A weight was lifted off my shoulders; a weight I thought would be permanent, but I was wrong. Looking hopelessly online for someone else in the same situation, I stumbled across this site. So I post this huge vent of a paragraph with just a single, measly question: How do you get over someone you're not only very close friends with, but absolutely emotionally nuts over? "You're infatuated!" Shut the f*ck up Jimmy. I know infatuation and this isn't it. Again please focus on that one question, not how I ended up in this mess. Ty!


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  • By keeping yourself so busy you won't have time to miss her


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